10. Fred L. Walker, Beyond Special Relativity

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Volume 19: Pages 566-576, 2006

Beyond Special Relativity

Fred L. Walker 1

11550 West Camino Urbano, Green Valley, Arizona 85622 U.S.A.

Einstein's theory of special relativity is reviewed in light of a new and different interpretation of the MichelsonMorley (MM) experiment. The new interpretation derives from a new concept of the space medium, not previously considered, in which the ether, instead of being a static substance through which all material objects move, is a dynamic fluid that flows in vorticial currents and carries all material objects along with it. A planet like Earth, for example, rotates in the center of a vast vortex in the dynamic space medium, where its component substances have been forced together and compressed by inertial vortex action into the planet's present form. A wide range of evidence in support of this concept is cited. In accordance with this concept, there would be no difference of velocity between that of Earth's surface and that of the adjacent rotating ether currents. Accordingly, the MM experiment was quite correct in measuring the zero difference between these two velocities, and there was no need to correct experimental results by means of the Lorentz transformations. As a further consequence of the dynamic ether concept, serious questions are raised in regard to basic concepts of special relativity theory.

Keywords: new Doppler effect, dynamic ether, space vortex, MichelsonMorley null result, unnecessary Lorentz transformations

Received: April 1, 2005; Published Online: December 15, 2008