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Physics Essays has been established as an international journal dedicated to theoretical and experimental aspects of fundamental problems in Physics and, generally, to the advancement of basic knowledge of Physics. The Journal’s mandate is to publish rigorous and methodological examinations of past, current, and advanced concepts, methods and results in physics research. Physics Essays dedicates itself to the publication of stimulating exploratory, and original papers in a variety of physics disciplines, such as spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, particle physics, electromagnetic theory, astrophysics, space physics, mathematical methods in physics, plasma physics, philosophical aspects of physics, chemical physics, and relativity.





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Volume 33: Pages 219-242, 2020

The influence of gravitational field on time

Yan Yi

Chang’an University, 10 Chongye Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi 710061, China


Volume 33: Pages 216-218, 2020

Bell’s theorem and its tests: Proof that nature is superdeterministic—Not random

Johan Hansson

Division of Physics, Luleå University of Technology, SE-971 87 Luleå, Sweden


Volume 33: Pages 211-215, 2020

The four basic errors of special theory of relativity and the solution offered by extended Galilean relativity

Shukri Klinaku

University of Prishtina, Rr. George Bush 31, Prishtina 10000, Kosovo 


Volume 33: Pages 208-210, 2020

About a possible derivation of the London equations

Spiros Koutandos

Maniakiou 17, Agia Paraskevi, Attica 15343, Greece


Volume 33: Pages 200-207, 2020

Relativistic dynamics for the expanding universe

Brian B. K. Min

Nubron Inc., 890 Los Robles Avenue, Palo Alto, California 94306, USA 


Volume 33: Pages 180-199, 2020

Singular general relativity using the Colombeau approach. I. Distributional Schwarzschild geometry from nonsmooth regularization via horizon

Jaykov Foukzon,1 Elena R. Men’kova,2 and Alexander A. Potapov3,4

1Center for Mathematical Sciences, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 3200003, Israel

2All-Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements, Ozernaya Str. 46, Moscow 119361, Russia

3Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Mokhovaya Str. 11, Building 7, Moscow 125009, Russia

4JNU-IREE Joint Laboratory of Fractal Method and Signal Processing, Department of Electronic Engineering, College of Information Science and Technology, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China


Volume 33: Pages 175-179, 2020

Decay characteristics of neutron excess iron nuclei

J. J. Bevelacqua

Bevelacqua Resources, 343 Adair Drive, Richland, Washington 99352, USA 


Volume 33: Pages 163-174, 2020

Law of physics 20th-century scientists overlooked. I. The velocity differential propagation of light

Conrad Ranzan

DSSU Research, 5145 Second Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 4J8, Canada 


Volume 33: Pages 159-162, 2020

Complete power cycle exhaust heat regeneration and second law logic

David Van Den Einde

1284 170th St., Bejou, Minnesota 56516, USA


Volume 33: Pages 149-158, 2020

Testable hypotheses by Isaac Newton on particle physics

Philip Yock

2/42 Reihana Street, Orakei, Auckland 1071, New Zealand


Volume 33: Pages 143-148, 2020

Bekenstein–Hawking black hole entropy, Hawking temperature, and the Unruh effect: Insight from the laws of thermodynamics

Stephen J. Crothers and Pierre-Marie Robitaille

PO Box 1546, Sunshine Plaza 4558, QLD, Australia


Volume 33: Pages 140-142, 2020

Why superquantum, no-signaling correlations cannot exist

Pierre Uzan

Laboratory SPHERE, Philosophy of Science, University Paris-Diderot, Building Condorcet, Case 7093, 5 rue Thomas Mann, 75205 Paris Cedex 13, France


Volume 33: Pages 118-139, 2020

Velocity and absurdity in modern physics

Randolph Lundberg

102 Kilbreck Drive, Cary, North Carolina 27511, USA


Volume 33: Pages 114-117, 2020

Theory of electromagnetic wave ( 1 mm) emission and absorption by the hydrogen atom derived from the relativistically modified Schrödinger equation

Noboru Kohiyama

2-1-5-710 Shinmeidai, Hamura City, Tokyo 205-0023, Japan


Volume 33: Pages 99-113, 2020

Newtonian quantum gravity

Reiner Georg Ziefle

Brunnenstrasse 17, 91598 Colmberg, Germany


Volume 33: Pages 96-98, 2020

De Broglie waves, the Schrödinger equation, and relativity. I. Exclusion of the rest mass energy in the dispersion relation

Masanori Sato

Honda Electronics Co., Ltd., 20 Oyamazuka, Oiwa-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi 441-3193, Japan