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Physics Essays

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Physics Essays has been established as an international journal dedicated to theoretical and experimental aspects of fundamental problems in Physics and, generally, to the advancement of basic knowledge of Physics. The Journal’s mandate is to publish rigorous and methodological examinations of past, current, and advanced concepts, methods and results in physics research. Physics Essays dedicates itself to the publication of stimulating exploratory, and original papers in a variety of physics disciplines, such as spectroscopy, quantum mechanics, particle physics, electromagnetic theory, astrophysics, space physics, mathematical methods in physics, plasma physics, philosophical aspects of physics, chemical physics, and relativity.



Volume 28: Pages 586-592, 2015

Principle of in-transit change in wave frequency

Gang Rao

Department of Physics, Capital Normal University, Xisanhuan Beilu No. 105, Beijing 100048, China


Volume 28: Pages 567-585, 2015

Consequences of the unification in physics. I. Never more problems with physical equations

Peter Jakubowski

Oranienburger Str. 70, 40599 Duesseldorf, Germany


Volume 28: Pages 561-566, 2015

The emperor has no nonlocality

Lukas A. Saul

14 Russel Court, Oxford OX2 6JH, United Kingdom


Volume 28: Pages 550-560, 2015

Hamiltonian density for a point charged particles system in special relativity

G. Ares de Parga,1 S. Domínguez-Hernández,2 and E. Salinas- Hernández3

1Edif. 9, Dpto. de Física, Escuela Superior de Física y Matemáticas, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Zacatenco, U. P. Adolfo López Mateos, Zacatenco, Del. Gustavo A. Madero, C.P. 07738, México D.F., México

2Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria en Ingeniería y Tecnologías Avanzadas, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Av. Miguel Othón de Mendizábal s/n. Col. La Escalera. U. P. Adolfo López Mateos, Zacatenco, Del. Gustavo A. Madero, C.P. 07738, México D.F., México

3 Escuela Superior de Cómputo, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Av. Juan de Dios Bátiz esq. Av. Miguel Othón de Mendizábal, Col. Lindavista. Del. Gustavo A. Madero. C. P. 07738, México D. F., México


Volume 28: Pages 542-549, 2015

The electrodynamic researches of J. Larmor: An evolutionary side-step on the road to special relativity

Albert G. Gluckman

Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742, USA


Volume 28: Pages 529-541, 2015

Is the force of gravity a manifestation of the electric force?

Donald Cameron

6229 Broadway, Apt. 10C, Bronx, New York 10471, USA