3. C. W. Rietdijk,Four‐Dimensional Physics, Nonlocal Coherence, and Paranormal Phenomena

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Volume 20: Pages 169-196, 2007

FourDimensional Physics, Nonlocal Coherence, and Paranormal Phenomena

C. W. Rietdijk 1

1Pinellaan 7, 2061 LH Bloemendaal, Netherlands

1. We note that, as soon as retroaction and nonlocality (in an ordered way) interfere with physical phenomena, we may get the impression of “miracles” (paranormal phenomena) from a local causal point of view: the latter cannot explain them. 2. We start from some wellknown processes, such as Young's doubleslit experiment and EPR, in order to extend relevant feedback processes and nonlocal coherence to living organisms and their influence on the environment. 3. We explain how retroaction emanating from living organisms may take the shape of goal orientation and make psychokinesis (PK) and clairvoyance easier to understand. We discuss concrete models of PK and clairvoyance and of striking coincidences and telepathy. 4. Our physical model joins with the “observational theory” that dominates in professional parapsychology. 5. We investigate how far such a model implies humankind to be a fourdimensional organism up to a certain degree, taking into account hitherto unknown interindividual unconscious communications. 6. In all, our theory implies a change of paradigm, which also leads to an integration of deterministic “God does not play dice” and antireductionist “A microprocess acts as a whole.” That is, it introduces nonlocal determinism in which the psychological dimension is inherent.

Keywords: microphysics, EPR, nonlocal, consciousness, paranormal, observational theory, psychokinesis

Received: April 13, 2005; Published Online: March 26, 2009