2. Milan Meszaros, Inherent spin versus hidden variables theorem

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Volume 21: Pages 186-192, 2008

Inherent spin versus hidden variables theorem

Milan Meszaros 1

1Alpha Group Laboratories Association, Institute of Physics 11 Rutafa Street, Bldg. H/II, H-1165 Budapest, Hungary

The paper proves that spinless solutions to the Scrödinger equation do not exist, and at once deduces the inherent fermion spin from Schrödinger representation by a parity gauge transformation.

Keywords: Copenhagen Interpretation, Hidden Variable, Complex Quantum Reality, Split H, Nonrelativistic Description, Schrödinger Picture, Fermion Spin, Elementary Calculation, Parity, Gauge Transformation

Received: January 30, 2008; Accepted: June 1, 2008; Published Online: January 26, 2009