13. Jaroslav Hynecek, Uniform dark matter density model of the Universe

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Volume 22: Pages 325-333, 2009

Uniform dark matter density model of the Universe

Jaroslav Hynecek 1

1Isetex, Inc., 905 Pampa Drive, Allen, Texas 75013, USA

This article describes a model of the Universe that is a possible alternative of the well known Big Bang model. It is assumed that the Universe is filled with a gravitating matter that does not interact with light. This matter is immobile, has approximately constant average density, and provides a framework in which the visible matter moves similarly as defects or vacancies move in a crystal from the bulk to the surface. It is further assumed that the visible matter was created from this invisible matter by an unspecified phase transition or condensation some time in the past or alternatively is being continuously created throughout the bulk of the Universe on a smaller scale and is being driven out to the edges where it disintegrates. This process contributes to the generation of gamma ray bursts, the high energy cosmic radiation, and the cosmic microwave background radiation. The phase transition or condensation, however, is not studied in this article. The model provides a simple equation for the observed recession velocities of distant galaxies and since the recession velocities are typically measured by analyzing the emitted spectrum of such objects, the Rydberg formula is examined in detail to understand which parameters are sensitive to the recession velocities and to the cosmological gravitational potential. The theory is compared with the available data of the gamma ray bursts, the Supernova Cosmology project, and the BATSE catalog, and a very good agreement is obtained.

Keywords: Model of the Universe, Big Bang Theory, Gravitational Red Shift, Doppler Red Shift, Hubble Constant, Space-Time Metric, Dark Matter, Cosmological Gravitational Potential, Rydberg Formula, Gamma Ray Bursts

Received: March 26, 2009; Accepted: May 31, 2009; Published Online: July 21, 2009