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Volume 24: Pages 16-19, 2011

The genesis of wave-particle duality

Abdul L. Bhuiyana)

Box 13, Head Post Office, Comilla 3500, Bangladesh

A photon may exhibit wave-particle duality if it consists of a packet of two photons of the same quantized energy and the same wavelength. One photon of the packet may alone exhibit the particlelike property, while both the photons of the packet may together exhibit the wavelike property through diffraction.

Un photon pourrait manifester la dualité d'onde-particule s'il se compose d'un paquet de deux photons de même énergie quantifiée et la même longueur d'onde. Un photon du paquet pourrait manifester tout seul la propriété de particule tandis que les deux photons ensemble du paquet pourraient manifester la propriété d'onde par diffraction.

Keywords: Genesis of Wave-Particle Duality, Delayed-Choice Experiment, Compton Experiment, One Photon as a Bundle of Two Photons, Scattering of Photon by Nuclei, Electric Field of a Photon

Received: October 31, 2008; Accepted: November 24, 2010; Published Online: January 10, 2011

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