8. Arne P. Olson, Quantum Vortex Structure of Mesons and Baryons

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Volume 11: Pages 586-607, 1997


Quantum Vortex Structure of Mesons and Baryons


Arne P. Olson


Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439 U.S.A.


Spin: what is it, and what does it do, if anything, to define particle form, mass, and interactions? A quantum vortex model (QVM) of the proton is described and extended to mesons and to excited baryon states. The internal energy components and rest masses of a wide variety of mesons and baryons are shown to be precisely calculable from the properties of systems of quantum vortices, from the eigenmodes of the proton, and from other vacuum excitations consisting of particleantiparticle pairs. The proton is shown to be analogous to a quantum vortex system of three neutral spin1 vortices having 0.996 56 of the total rest mass, plus a lighter, charged component. These spin1 vortices appear to have the rest mass of a neutral pion pair. With that assumption, the π0toproton mass ratio is derived as In (4/3)/2, from which the π0 mass of 134.9621 ± 0.0004 MeV is found. Predicted tensions inside the proton from the strong force and from the electromagnetic force are 492.306 MeV/fm and 3.5925 MeV/fm, from which the neutronproton mass difference of + 1.2937 MeV is obtained. The LambChaplygin vortex dipole is shown to be the basis for the D mesons. The D0 is predicted to have a radius of 0.4310 fm. The K± mass is found to be 493.6959 ± 0.0002 MeV based on the predicted ratio: K±/mp = 0.526 175 51. The quantum vortex content and pole masses of many baryon states are proposed and related to their production and decay. Rules governing particle formation are proposed.


Keywords: quantum vortex, vortex dipole, meson masses, baryon masses, internal structure of mesons and baryons, strong interactions


Received: January 5, 1998; Published online: December 15, 2008


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