9. Peter Jakubowski, Consequences of the unification in physics. III. The universal time scale

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Volume 29: Pages 210-217, 2016



Consequences of the unification in physics. III. The universal time scale



Peter Jakubowskia)



Oranienburger Str. 70, 40599 Duesseldorf, Germany



We are suggesting that Nature respects a common scale of time in all her processes. The Universal Time Scale (UTS) is a hierarchical scale with a step height of 12.1428. Here, we are considering three direct applications of the UTS improving the theoretical basis of the corresponding scientific research of the (1) natural systematics of the biofrequencies being active in our bodies, (2) theoretical estimation of the age of the largest impact craters on the Earth’s surface, and (3) human being evolution during the recent 3.5 milliard years. We discuss in several chosen details, how such disciplines of our scientific knowledge as medical physics, geophysics, and anthropology, could directly take an advantage of the universality of the proposed scale of time.



Nous postulons que la nature se réfère dans toutes ses manifestations à une échelle de temps commune. "L'échelle de temps universelle” (UTS) est une échelle hiérarchique avec des intervalles significatifs de 12,1428. Là, nous considérons trois applications directes de l´UTS, qui améliorent la base théorique des recherches scientifiques concernant 1) les principes naturels qui régissent les biofréquences actives dans notre corps; 2) l´éstimation théorique de l´age des cratéres d´impact sur la surface de la terre; 3) l´évolution humaine pendant les derniers 3,5 milliards d´années. Nous discutons en details la façon dont des domaines de notre savoir scientifique comme la physique médicale, la géophysique et l´anthropologie, pourraient bénéficier directement de l'universalité de l´échelle de temps proposée.



Key words: Common Scale of Time; Natural Time Scale; Geophysics; Theoretical Age of the Cosmic Impact Craters; Anthropology; Natural Periods of Human Evolution; Biophysics; Biofrequencies in Human Body.



Received: October 30, 2015; Accepted: April 11, 2016; Published Online: April 29, 2016



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