7. Fred H. Thaheld, Can we determine the role of the observer in Quantum Mechanics?

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Volume 11: Pages 235-240, 1998



Can we determine the role of the observer in Quantum Mechanics?



Fred H. Thaheld a)



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A series of experiments is proposed in this paper in an attempt to find out what role an observer plays in the unfolding of events within quantum mechanics. Some of the experiments investigate the possibility that the terms “observer” and “consciousness” may be encompassed not only by humans but photons and one-celled creatures such as Euglena and Paramecium. If this proves to be the case with the latter two entities, it would strengthen the theories concerning consciousness arising from cytoskeletal mictotubules. The experiments are so arranged that the roles of the apparatus or detectors, the objects or photons, and the observers can be determined at each stage and a relative degree of importance assigned to each one’s contribution in the unfolding and collapse of the wave function as it might apply to that specific experiment.



Keywords: observer, consciousness, quantum mechanics, wave function, observation, measurement, collapse, photons, semireflecting mirror, Euglena and Paramecium



Received: January 23, 1997; Published online: December 15, 2008



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