9. Adolf A. van Rede, A Treatise on a Logical Model for Reality

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Volume 12: Pages 293-311, 1999

A Treatise on a Logical Model for Reality

Adolf A. van Rede

Zuiderklamp 12, 5672 H.D. Nuenen, Netherlands

A short comment on classical physics is followed by a proposal for a new causal model to describe reality. From axiomatic principles a general model is found. The asymmetry of the universe, the theory of Maxwell, and the absence of magnetic monopoles are used to calculate the three structural modal parameters. The SchrödingerDirac equations and general relativity are included. A picture for particles is presented.

Keywords: causal model, electron, fields, gravitation, G.U.T., photon, proton, quantum theory, Pauli exclusion, SchrödingerDirac equations

Received: September 4, 1998; Published online: December 15, 2008