4. A. F. Kracklauer, N. A. Kracklauer, The Improbability of Nonlocality

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Volume 15: Pages 162-171, 2002

The Improbability of Nonlocality

A. F. Kracklauer, N. A. Kracklauer

PF 2040, 99401 Weimar, Germany

Both philosophical and mathematical considerations argue against the existence of “nonlocality,” or fasterthanlight interaction. Nevertheless, it is widely accepted that nonlocality has been established by Bell's theorems as an intrinsic feature of the natural world. Herein it is shown, to the contrary, that the analysis supporting Bell's theorems contains implicit hypotheses that are fully disputable and unacceptable on the basis of logic, probability theory, and basic physics. Finally, the consequences of the rejection of nonlocality for the interpretation of quantum mechanics are discussed.

Keywords: nonlocality, Bell's theorem, quantum mechanics, entanglement, pilot wave, Bohmian mechanics

Received: December 5, 2000; Published online: December 15, 2008