7. Murat Tanışlı, Kudret Özdaş, Hamilton Formulation for the Analysis of RLC Circuits

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Volume 15: Pages 322-326, 2002

Hamilton Formulation for the Analysis of RLC Circuits

Murat Tanışlı, Kudret Özdaş

Anadolu University, Science Faculty, Department of Physics, 26470 Eskişehir, Turkey

The Hamiltonian formulation well known in classical mechanics is applied to RLC circuits. The flux linkages for the inductances are assumed to be the generalized momenta (conjugate momenta), and the Hamiltonian function of the system is written in terms of generalized momenta. The Hamilton equations are used in the analysis of the system. The new method has been introduced as an alternative method to the conventional Kirchhoff laws and Lagrange equations for these systems.

Keywords: Hamiltonian function, Hamilton's equations, Hamiltonian, RLC circuits, Rayleigh dissipation function, flux linkage, generalized momentum, conjugate momentum, Lagrangian, generalized force

Received: November 27, 2001; Published online: December 15, 2008