3. I. J. Good, The Self‐Consistency of the Kinematics of Special Relativity, Part V(B)

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Volume 16: Pages 174-179, 2003

The SelfConsistency of the Kinematics of Special Relativity, Part V(B)

I. J. Good

1309 Lynn Drive, Blacksburg, VA 240603001 U.S.A.

The swingsandroundabouts theorem, related to clock paradoxes in special relativity, is here proved more briefly. The proof is based on a new necessary supposition. A simple and interesting consequence is derived for curved paths. The theorem shows what a general theory of relativity needs to establish so as to explain the paradoxes from the point of view of the traveler, in order to be consistent with the special theory. The invariance of fourdimensional volume is proved in an elementary manner.

Keywords: clock paradoxes, empiricodissidents, equilag requirement, fourdimensional volume, general relativity question, invariance of fourdimensional volume, lag accumulation, logicodissidents, swingsandroundabouts theorem

Received: July 17, 2001; Published online: December 15, 2008