10. F. H. Wöhlbier, The System of Nature

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Volume 17: Pages 103-113, 2004

The System of Nature

F. H. Wöhlbier

Brandrain 8, CH8707 Uetikon/Zürich, Switzerland

The application of information theory both to basic physics and to the emergence of complexity results in the formulation of an “elementary information unit,” which is suggested to have an equally fundamental status in the realm of evolution to that which elementary particles have in the realm of particle physics. Spacetime, fundamental forces, matterenergy, and information are considered to be the four main parameters that constitute Nature. These parameters and their subparameters are shown to be interrelated, and a tentative selfconsistent model of the underlying ontological structure of Nature is presented. This preliminary model tends to support Wheeler's “It from Bit” presumption. It suggests furthermore that spacetime may consist of discrete units and that consciousness has an equal ontological status to that of the laws of physics.

Keywords: complexity, consciousness, elementary particle, elementary information unit, fundamental forces, information, nature, matterenergy, spacetime, theory of everything, TOE

Received: November 7, 2003; Published online: December 15, 2008