5. Robert B. Driscoll, Photon Structure and Hubble's Redshift

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Volume 17: Pages 46-48, 2004

Photon Structure and Hubble's Redshift

Robert B. Driscoll

Institute for Basic Research

Experimental bounds on the photon's Coulomb charge, mass, and standard speed do not exclude a finite electric dipole moment of strength P0. If existent and oscillating at the photon frequency v, the dipole radiates energy from itself at a rate proportional to P02v4. Hubble's redshift results if P02v3 = 8.8 × 10−39C2 m2s−3. If confirmed, this will be a law of the intrinsic electrodynamical structure of the photon and will modify or make irrelevant some applications of general relativity.

Keywords: photon, EDM, Hubble redshift, general relativity

Received: July 27, 2003; Published online: December 15, 2008