5. Miguel Lunetta, Theoretical Evidence of a Light Carrier

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Volume 17: Pages 153-158, 2004

Theoretical Evidence of a Light Carrier

Miguel Lunetta

Caixa Postal 1144, Centra João Pessoa, CEP 58010970, PBBrasil

In this paper we study the interaction between the scalar inertial field and a couple of photons arising from the annihilation process of two electronpositron pairs in free space. This study revealed the existence of a vector L whose product with the inertial field is equal to the Poynting vector S. So, if the Z component of L is assumed as the general solution of the Schrödinger timedependent equation, we may obtain from this equation the potential energy of the electromagnetic field created by L, which can be termed the “light carrier.” By the potential energy, one may deduce the electromagnetic force Flc. The constant ρ of the wavefunction ψ(z, t) may take the value of any rational number to cover the range of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

Keywords: inertial force, electronpositron annihilation, Poynting vector, light carrier, electromagnetic field, Schrödinger timedependent equation (STDE), radiation spectrum

Received: September 26, 2003; Published online: December 15, 2008