4. S. P. Bhattacharyya, New Model of the Universe

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Volume 17: Pages 143-152, 2004

New Model of the Universe

S. P. Bhattacharyya

Department of Physics, Balurghat College, P.O. Balurghat, 733101, Dt. D/Dinajpur, West Bengal, India

An attempt has been made to explain the origin of the universe and some of the fundamental aspects of its heterogeneous state based on the concepts that space is the fundamental parameter from which everything originates, and energy is a parameter equivalent to space in emission and absorption phenomena. A point of infinite density contained infinite space and generated, to achieve a state of equality with its surroundings, an expanding spherical region in which a series of homogeneous infinite spaces of lower densities appeared successively. The heterogeneous character of the universe was developed after the explosion of a highly condensed state of infinite space. Matter produced from space emits space or energy or their combination. Relating the flow of time and the flow of momentum with the flow of space and the flow of energy, respectively, parametric relationships for the propagation of energy in free space have been obtained from oscillations of a higherstate spacepoint. In the electromagnetic oscillation of a spacepoint in a condensed space, charge parameters have been detected, with the help of which ideas of K, L, M, N space and atomic space have been given.

Keywords: observer, free space, spacepoint, state, condensed space, oscillation, spacetime, electromagnetic flows, charge parameters, atomic space


Received: July 4, 2003; Published online: December 15, 2008