12. Melvin S. Cook, Counterparts and Consequences

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Volume 17: Pages 417-432, 2004

Counterparts and Consequences

Melvin S. Cook

Holobeam, Inc., P.O. Box 287, 217 First Street, Hohokus, New Jersey 07423 U.S.A.

The formalism and the procedures of quantum mechanics are highly successful but the interpretation of experimental results using a particle model has required the use of independent postulates. This suggests that the particle model is invalid. Two elements of physical reality are identified as the counterparts of two elements of the physical theory. The resulting system model explains waveparticle duality, generates a result for probability that is identical in form to the Born probability postulate, allows direct derivations of the de Broglie relationships and of uncertainty relationships, and provides a local mechanism for EPR correlations. Since these results, and others, are obtained without the use of independent postulates, the test of Ockham's razor suggests that the counterparts identified are valid elements of physical reality.

Keywords: waveparticle duality, EPR correlations, Born probability

Received: November 23, 2004; Published online: December 15, 2008