1. Thierry Delort, Applications of the Theory of Ether

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Volume 17: Pages 259-268, 2004

Applications of the Theory of Ether

Thierry Delort

23 rue de l'Abbé Carton, Paris 75014 France

In a previous article (T. Delort, Phys. Essays 13, 573, 2000) we showed the compatibility of the theory of ether (TE) with all of the experiments concerning special relativity (SR) and with quantum physics. In this article, we continue to study cosmology with the TE. We present a drastically new and simple conception of the Cosmos. We also interpret for instance the origin of black mass inside the density of the universe. We obtain all these results concerning cosmology without using general relativity (GR). Using fossil radiation, we also obtain the velocity of the Sun relative to the ether. So this conception of the universe is much simpler and much clearer than the conception involving GR. It avoids the use of Riemann geometry and Einstein's tensor. In Section 3 of the article, “Kinematics,” we present applications of the TE concerning obtaining the velocity of light, the new interpretation of Galilean referentials, and the interpretation of a fundamental experiment concerning time contraction and particle physics.

Keywords: ether, black mass, Miller's experiment, velocity of light, fossil radiation, Hubble's law

Received: November 27, 2001; Published online: December 15, 2008