15. Riccardo C. Storti, Todd J. Desiato, Electrogravimagnetics: Practical Modeling Methods of the Polarizable Vacuum — I

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Volume 19: Pages 151-158, 2006

Electrogravimagnetics: Practical Modeling Methods of the Polarizable Vacuum — I

Riccardo C. Storti, Todd J. Desiato

Delta Group Engineering P/L, 2/19 Firth Street, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

It is hypothesized that coupling exists between electromagnetic (EM) fields and the local value of gravitational acceleration g. Buckingham's Π theory (BPT) is applied to establish a mathematical relationship that precipitates a set of modeling equations, pi (Π) groupings. The Π groupings are reduced to a single expression in terms of the speed of light and an experimental relationship function. This function is interpreted to represent the refractive index and is demonstrated to be equivalent to the polarizable vacuum (PV) model representation of general relativity. Assuming dynamic, kinematic, and geometric similarity between the PV and the BPT derivation, it is implied that the PV may also be represented as a superposition of EM fields. It is conjectured that by applying an intense superposition of fields within a single frequency mode, it may be possible to modify the refractive index at that frequency within the test volume of an experiment. This may significantly reduce the experimental complexity and energy requirements necessary to locally affect g.

Keywords: Buckingham Π theory, electromagnetics, equivalence principle, gravity, physical modeling, polarizable vacuum, zeropoint field

Received: September 10, 2005; Published online: December 15, 2008