12. C. Johan Masreliez, Does Cosmological Scale Expansion Explain the Universe?

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Volume 19: Pages 91-122, 2006

Does Cosmological Scale Expansion Explain the Universe?

C. Johan Masreliez

3209 W. Lk. Sammamish Pkwy. NE, Redmond, Washington 98052 U.S.A.

Introduced is a new cosmological model, the scale expanding cosmos (SEC) model, which explains the universe without the big bang creation event. The SEC model may resolve many hitherto unresolved issues in physics and cosmology: it defines a cosmological reference frame, prevents the formation of black holes, and provides a link between general relativity and quantum theory. Also, it sheds light on the progression of time, the equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass, and the origin of inertia. Most importantly, astronomical observations better agree with this new model than with the standard cosmological model. The model also explains what might cause the Pioneer anomaly and resolves the disagreement between optical observations of the planets and their computed ephemerides.

Keywords: new cosmos theory, timeless existence, cosmological reference frame, black hole avoidance, progression of time, quantum theory from general relativity, inertial and gravitational mass equivalence, origin of inertia, Pioneer anomaly

Received: June 1, 2005; Published online: December 15, 2008