11. Adrian Sfarti, Justification for High‐Speed Reenactments of the Ives‐Stilwell Experiment

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Volume 19: Pages 295-298, 2006

Justification for HighSpeed Reenactments of the IvesStilwell Experiment

Adrian Sfarti

20035 Northwind Sq., Cupertino, California 95014 U.S.A.

A special theory of relativity (STR) test theory is a generalization of the Lorentz transforms using additional parameters. One can then analyze experiments using the test theory instead of STR and fit the parameters of the test theory to the experimental results. If the fitted parameter values differ significantly from the values corresponding to STR, then the experiment is inconsistent with STR. But more normally, such fits can show how well a given experiment confirms or disagrees with STR and what its experimental accuracy is. This gives a general and tractable method of analysis that can be common to multiple experiments. In the following paper we will argue for an unorthodox way of detecting highorder effects via an increased speed reenactment of the IvesStilwell experiment. We will demonstrate the presence of a RobertsonMansouriSexl (RMS) error term of third degree and we will set the experimental conditions for detecting this term.

Keywords: RobertsonMansouriSexl (RMS), standard model, IvesStilwell experiment, STR

Received: November 17, 2005; Published online: December 15, 2008