2. Stefan Marinov, Absolute and Relative Newton‐Lorentz Equations


Volume 3: Pages 217-220, 1990

Absolute and Relative NewtonLorentz Equations

Stefan Marinov 1

1Institute for Fundamental Physics, Morellenfeldgasse 16, A8010 Graz Austria

The fundamental electromagnetic Lorentz equation is shown to have its wellknown form (which I call the absolute NewtonLorentz equation) only if the chosen reference frame rests in absolute space. If the chosen reference frame moves in absolute space, this equation has a different form, which I call the relative NewtonLorentz equation. Recent experiments have confirmed the validity of the relative NewtonLorentz equation.

Keywords: spacetime physics, classical electromagnetism, electromagnetic induction, violation of the principle of relativity

Received: March 9, 1989; Published Online: December 15, 2008