16. Mendel Sachs, On the Rotation of Galaxies from General Relativity

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Volume 7: Pages 490-494, 1994

On the Rotation of Galaxies from General Relativity

Mendel Sachs 1

1Department of Physics, State University of New York at Buffalo, Fronczak Hall, Buffalo, New York 14260 U.S.A.

A contribution to the rotation of a galaxy, due to internal structure alone, is discussed in the context of a generalized version of the theory of general relativity, whereby the spacetime metric has a quaternion structure. The radial dependences of the angular momentum of a constituent star of a galaxy, relative to the remainder of its host galaxy, are determined and compared in regard to the classical Newtonian theory, Einstein's tensor form of general relativity, and the generalized quaternion formulation of the latter theory of gravitation. The results are subject to possible observational tests.

Keywords: astrophysics, galaxy, general relativity

Received: February 22, 1994; Published Online: December 15, 2008