14. Reginald Irvan Gray, Symmetrical Unification from Electromagnetostatics, Part II

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Volume 7: Pages 468-475, 1994

Symmetrical Unification from Electromagnetostatics, Part II

Reginald Irvan Gray 1

14804 Woodview Lane, Long Bay Estates, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 295754514 U.S.A.

Unification of all the physical forces, the most important unresolved problem in physics today, arises from the 78yearold mystery of the origin of the Sommerfeld finestructure constant, which has defied innumerable attempts to derive it from first principles. Most notable was the 1931 paper by Dirac in which he found, instead, the charge quantization relation between electric and magnetic monopoles. In Part I (PI) of our paper of this title, starting from an idea of J.J. Thomson (1895), we found it possible to derive, in a virtual energy coupling model, all the particle coupling constants, using nothing but nineteenthcentury electromagnetostatics, after the Kelvin theories of images and inversion. In PI the results, which were in good agreement with empirical data, were obtained by numerical summation. In this paper (PII) we derive an exact, closedform solution from a different approach.

Keywords: finestructure constant, running couplings, unified theories

Received: November 10, 1993; Published Online: December 15, 2008