4. Jarl I. Eriksson, Simple Mathematics for Elementary Particles

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Volume 7: Pages 410-414, 1994

Simple Mathematics for Elementary Particles

Jarl I. Eriksson 1

1Via Isocrate 52, 00124 Rome Italy

This paper is complementary to the paper “Gravity in Particle Physics,” which appeared earlier in this Journal. The present paper contains a more accurate and complete calculation of the rest energies of the most important socalled elementary particles. The rest energies for all leptons, quarks, the proton, neutron, the electroweak and Higgs bosons are calculated with high precision from very simple equations as a function of mainly electric parameters. The values obtained for the Higgs boson, quarks, and neutrinos are predicted values because they still have to be measured, when possible.

Keywords: elementary particle equations, rest energy calculations

Received: July 6, 1992; Published Online: December 15, 2008