14. C. L. Herzenberg, The Role of Hubble Time in the Quantum‐Classical Transition

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Volume 20: Pages 142-147, 2007

The Role of Hubble Time in the QuantumClassical Transition

C. L. Herzenberg 1

11700 East 56th Street #2707, Chicago, Illinois 606375092 U.S.A.

The presence of cosmic expansion velocities within an extended object appears to lead to a fundamental threshold size that separates quantum behavior from classical behavior. This threshold is now examined further and interpreted in terms of diffusion processes in stochastic quantum mechanics. The limiting size separating quantum behavior from classical behavior is shown to correspond approximately to the object's stochastic diffusion distance over the Hubble time.

Keywords: quantumclassical transition, cosmological expansion, stochastic quantum mechanics, Hubble velocity, Hubble time, cosmological recession velocity, stochastic particle diffusion, Brownian motion, random walk

Received: September 26, 2006; Published Online: January 8, 2009