9. Riccardo C. Storti, Todd J. Desiato,Electrogravimagnetics: Practical Modeling Methods of the Polarizable Vacuum — V


Volume 20: Pages 101-112, 2007

Electrogravimagnetics: Practical Modeling Methods of the Polarizable Vacuum — V

Riccardo C. Storti 1, Todd J. Desiato 1

1Delta Group Engineering, 2/19 Firth Street, Doncaster 3108 — Melbourne, Australia

An experimental prediction is developed considering gravitational acceleration g as a purely mathematical function across an elemental displacement utilizing modified complex Fourier series. This is evaluated to illustrate that the contribution of lowfrequency harmonics is trivial relative to highfrequency harmonics when considering g. Moreover, the formulation and development of the critical boundary leading to the proposition that the dominant bandwidth arising from the formation of beats is several orders of magnitude above the terahertz range, terminating at the zeropoint field beat cutoff frequency, is presented. In addition, it is proposed that the modification of g is dominated by the magnitude of the applied magnetic field vector BA and that the electrogravimagnetic spectrum is an extension of the classical electromagnetic spectrum.

Keywords: Buckingham Pi theory, electromagnetics, equivalence principle, gravity, physical modeling, polarizable vacuum, zeropoint field

Received: March 8, 2006; Published Online: January 8, 2009