7. Orvin E. Wagner, Physics in whole plants

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Volume 21: Pages 151-157, 2008

Physics in whole plants

Orvin E. Wagner 1

1Wagner Research Laboratory, 2645 Sykes Creek Road, Rogue River, Oregon 97537, USA

Plants are shaped by gravity related waves. Wave frequencies are isotropic. Plants appear to be quantized in their growth. Plant parts are tuned to the angle at which they are growing with respect to the gravitational field. If the angle is forcefully violated, the plant grows corrective tissue. The velocities of the waves in plant parts are determined by the angle the part makes with the gravitational field. The velocities and velocity ratios determine the shape of the plant. The plant’s genotype seems to determine what set of velocities control the plant. Gravitylike forces, canceling gravity in vertical portions, are produced by the plant and are measurable in the sap conducting tissue. Relatively large energy densities, indicated by relatively large currents, can be measured in plant tissue. Low frequency ac electric fields change internodal spacings. Signals are easily observed moving between plants. The data come from many thousands of measurements.

Keywords: Gravity Related Waves, Wave Velocities, Gravitylike Forces, Energy Density, Plant Growth Angles, Plant Signals, Internodal Spacings

Received: August 20, 2007; Accepted: June 1, 2008; Published Online: January 15, 2009