6. Dimitrios Laskaroudis, Thoughts on gravity and the evolution of the universe

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Volume 22: Pages 467-477, 2009

Thoughts on gravity and the evolution of the universe

Dimitrios Laskaroudis 1


145 Konstantinoupoleos Street, Ano Perea 57019, Greece

The motivation for this work was to explain “why the young universe was not a black hole.” During this effort we derived the following: (a) an answer to the motivating question, (b) the gravitational constant G varies proportionally to the volume of the universe, (c) the universe is vibrating, (d) the young universe was almost flat, (e) the expansion did not start from near zero dimensions, (f) the black holes are vibrating and evaporate during the contraction of the universe, and (g) given the cosmological transfer Zc of an object, we can calculate the emission time te of the radiation, (h) during the expansion of the universe, due to the increase in G, the distances between the sun and the planets, as well as the distances between planets and their satellites decreases. The same happens to their rotation periods.

Keywords: Cosmology, Gravitation, Variable G, Big Bang, Black Holes

Received: August 4, 2004; Accepted: August 3, 2009; Published Online: September 23, 2009