10 PDF - C. W. Rietdijk, Ontologically three-dimensional reality violates experiment

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Volume 23: Pages 468-472, 2010

Ontologically three-dimensional reality violates experiment

C. W. Rietdijk 1

1Pinellaan 7, 2061 LH Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

We expose a contradiction between experiments that establish clock retardation with the twin paradox, and the idea that (absolute and/or relative) past and future have an ontological physical status that differs from the realism we associate with the present here and now. We also demonstrate that a realistically three-dimensional (3D) “present” universe and a realistically four-dimensional (4D) one are not merely different interpretations or coordinations of the world, but are indeed different ontologically. For example, in contrast to 3D, 4D can explain retroaction, nonlocality, the atomicity of action, and various other fundamental phenomena. Our demonstration does not depend on relativity theory.

Keywords: Twin Paradox, Block Universe, Clock Retardation, Nonlocality, Retroaction

Received: July 3, 2009; Accepted: June 9, 2010; Published Online: July 26, 2010