1 PDF - William W. Carter, Possible variation to general relativity

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Volume 23: Pages 535-539, 2010

Possible variation to general relativity

William W. Carter 1

1250 Pantops Mountain Rd., Charlottesville, Virginia 22911, USA

It is shown that if Einstein had taken a different approach at one point in developing general relativity he could have generated a theory that not only met all the predictions of general relativity but also avoided its major current problems. Such an alternative approach is proposed here that considers the space-time fluid as compressible. The compression, or density, of the space-time fluid would be a fifth independent variable, or dimension, or scalar field, and make it possible to unify appropriately defined gravitational, electric, and magnetic fields and consider the structure of particles. New, physical definitions of the fields are proposed that would give the same results for the crucial tests as general relativity. An illustrative model of the structure of a particle as a very small black hole that would generate gravitational, electric, and magnetic fields and possibly nuclear fields is described. A possible explanation of dark energy is included.

Keywords: Gravitation, Relativity, Cosmology, Field Theory

Received: May 10, 2010; Accepted: July 24, 2010; Published Online: September 1, 2010