18, Jozsef Garai, The electronic structures of the atoms

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Volume 30: Pages 455-460, 2017


The electronic structures of the atoms


Jozsef Garaia)


Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Debrecen, O´temeto† u. 2-4, 4028 Debrecen, Hungary


Based on the uniformity and the stability of the atoms, it is concluded that the point charge nature of the electron in the vicinity of the nucleus is unsustainable. It is shown that uniform spherical surface charge “electron” around the nucleus can explain not only the observed uniformity and stability of the atoms but also successfully describes the electromagnetic radiation of the atom, give physical explanation for the quantized nature of the angular momentum, and explain the wave particle duality of matter. Additionally, the model gives the correct zero angular momentum at the ground state and the right ionization energy, whose features were not explained by the previous models. The presented physical explanations for the atomic scale observations of matter do not violate the laws of classical physics, indicating that these laws should remain valid at atomic scale.


Selon la base de l'uniformité et la stabilité des atomes, on peut conclure que le modèle de charge ponctuelle de l'électron dans le voisinage du noyau est insoutenable. Il est montré ici que le modèle de charge de surface sphérique uniforme autour du noyau peut expliquer pas seulement l'uniformité et la stabilité observées des atomes, mais aussi il décrit avec succès la radiation électromagnétique de l'atome. Il donne également l'explication physique de la nature quantifiée du moment angulaire, et la dualité onde-particule de la matière. Le modèle offre des explications pour les observations à l'échelle atomique de la matière, sans violer les lois de la physique classique, indiquant que ces lois devraient rester valables à l'échelle atomique.


Key words: Structure of the Atom; Atom Model; Electronic Structure of the Atom; Bohr’s Model; Cloud Model; Wave-Particle Duality; Quantum Mechanics; Quantum Physics; Photon Emission Absorption.


Received: August 13, 2016; Accepted: November 4, 2017; Published Online: November 27, 2017


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