3. Stephen J. Crothers, Einstein’s anomalous clock synchronization

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Volume 30: Pages 246-247, 2017


Einstein’s anomalous clock synchronization


Stephen J. Crothersa)


PO Box 1546, Sunshine Plaza 4558, QLD, Australia


Einstein’s method of synchronizing clocks in his special theory of relativity is inconsistent with the Lorentz transformation.


La méthode d'Einstein pour synchroniser les horloges dans sa théoriede la de la relativité restreinte est incompatible avec la transformation de Lorentz.


Key Words: Special Relativity; Simultaneity; Clock Synchronization; Lorentz Transformation; Time.


Received: March 2, 2017; Accepted: May 29, 2017; Published Online: June 16, 2017


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