14. Adriano Orefice, Raffaele Giovanelli, and Domenico Ditto, Is wave mechanics consistent with classical logic?

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Volume 28: Pages 515-521, 2015

Is wave mechanics consistent with classical logic?

Adriano Orefice,a) Raffaele Giovanelli, and Domenico Ditto

Universitá degli Studi di Milano – DISAA, Via Celoria, 2, 20133 Milano, Italy


Contrary to a wide-spread commonplace, an exact, ray-based treatment holding for any kind of monochromatic wavelike features (such as diffraction and interference) is provided by the structure itself of the Helmholtz equation. This observation allows to dispel—in apparent violation of the uncertainty principle—another commonplace, forbidding an exact, trajectory-based approach to wave mechanics.


Contrairement à un lieu commun très répandu, tous les phénomènes ondulatoires monochromatiques peuvent être traités en termes d'un système exact de rayons, codé dans la structure même de l'equation de Helmholtz. Cette observation nous permet aussi de surmonter - en violation apparente du Principe d'Incertitude - le lieu commun interdisant de traiter en termes de trajectoires exactes la dynamique des particules en Mécanique Ondulatoire.


Key words: Helmholtz Equation; Hamilton Equations; Wave Mechanics; de Broglie’s Matter Waves; SchrödingerEquations; Uncertainty Principle; Bohmian Theory; Quantum Trajectories; Quantum Potential; Wave Potential.


Received: September 18, 2015; Accepted: October 6, 2015; Published Online: October 25, 2015


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