14. Frank M. Meno, Kassem Awada, Galaxy Size Limit

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Volume 11: Pages 589-592, 1998

Galaxy Size Limit

Frank M. Meno, Kassem Awada

365 S. Atlantic Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224 U.S.A.

We demonstrate that, by assuming that the gravitational force is decreasing faster than the inverse square, the galaxies are limited to a size that depends on the force law and massdensity distribution. Specifically, for a gravitational force of the form K/[r2 exp(r/R)], the galaxy is limited to a radius smaller than R, but within the solar system the change is insignificant.

Keywords: galaxy, galaxy size, gravitation, gravitational force, orbits

Received: May 20, 1998; Published online: December 15, 2008