3. Vladimír Majerník, Mass and Gravitation

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Volume 12: Pages 34-38, 1999

Mass and Gravitation

Vladimír Majerník

Palacky University, Faculty of Science, Department of Theoretical Physics, Tr. 17 listopadu 50, Olomouc, CZ772 07, Czech Republic

In this paper we present modified Einstein gravitational field equations with an additional term in the energymomentum tensor, which leads, in the weak gravity limit, to a potentialdependent mass density. The change in the rest mass of a gravitating body due to its field is discussed in the framework of classical Maxwelllike gravitational theory.

Keywords: mass, modified Einstein equations, field theory of gravitation, negative gravitational energy

Received: April 12, 1996; Published online: December 15, 2008