8. Antonio Alfonso‐Faus, Gravity Quanta, Entropy, and Black Holes

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Volume 12: Pages 673-677, 1999

Gravity Quanta, Entropy, and Black Holes

Antonio AlfonsoFaus

E.U.I.T. Aeronáutica, Plaza Cardenal Cisneros s/n, Madrid 28040 Spain

We propose the use of a gravitational uncertainty principle for gravitation. We define the corresponding gravitational Planck's constant and the gravitational quantum of mass. We define entropy in terms of the quantum of gravity with the property of an extensive quality. The equivalent second law of thermodynamics is derived, the entropy increasing linearly with cosmological time. These concepts are applied to the case of black holes, finding their entropy, and discussing their radiation.

Keywords: gravitation, gravity quanta, uncertainty principle, entropy, black holes, thermodynamics, radiation, cosmology, elementary particles, Mach's principle, gamma rays, dark matter

Received: December 2, 1998; Published online: December 15, 2008