4. Nikiforos A. Sideris, An Application of the Two Nucleons Potential to Multinucleon Nuclei

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Volume 14: Pages 286-298, 2001

An Application of the Two Nucleons Potential to Multinucleon Nuclei

Nikiforos A. Sideris

P.P. Germanou str. No 26, Halandri T.K. 152 33 Greece

The two nucleons potential was presented in a recent paper [N.A. Sideris, Phys. Essays 12, 11 (1999)] and gave certain results compatible with observation. In the present paper, this potential was used to derive an effective potential for the interaction of one test nucleon with the rest of the nucleus. This test nucleon will be one of the nucleons of the nucleus. The interaction of a neutron first and a proton next with the nucleus will be examined. The outcome of this investigation will permit the determination of the following interesting features of nuclei: (a) The nuclear force radius will be determined from the solution to Schrödinger's equation for the nucleusnucleon twobody system. (b) The determination of the average number of nucleons each nucleon interacts with will provide a direct explanation for the grouping of nucleons in the outer layers of nuclei in a fournucleon configuration (alpha particles). (c)The radius of the nucleons resulting from the close packing inside the various nuclei will also be determined. The investigation will be applied to nuclei with A ranging from 28 to 208, which have close to spherical symmetry. This theory is also applied to stable nuclides. It will also be proved that, in the central region of massive nuclei, only neutrons can be encountered. Although our results fit well with experimental data with 53 nuclei, we had serious deviations for the case of sulfur 33. No explanation was found for this case. Some preliminary results of the present theory were published in N.A. Sideris, Decoding the Universe (Athens, 1994).

Keywords: nuclear force radius, average radius of nucleons, alpha particles, binding energy per nucleon

Received: January 20, 2001; Published online: December 15, 2008