10. George L. Murphy, A Model of Cosmological Matter

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Volume 15: Pages 230-234, 2002

A Model of Cosmological Matter

George L. Murphy

Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio 43209 U.S.A.

The cosmological term in Einstein's equations is equivalent to the energymomentum tensor of a material that interacts with other matter only through gravitation and in which, in a formal sense, disturbances propagate instantaneously. We use these two facts as hints to construct a model of matter, combining all forms, whose pressure is given by a gamma law for high energy densities but becomes negative below a critical density. Flat expanding model universes filled with such matter approach the de Sitter state asymptotically. These models can reach a cosmic time after which compressional waves propagate faster than light. The resulting violation of conventional ideas of causality might have profound implications for the future of the universe.

Keywords: causality, cosmological term, dark energy, negative pressure, superluminal speeds

Received: March 20, 2002; Published online: December 15, 2008