3. Minoru Harada, Einstein and Space‐Time Units

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Volume 16: Pages 26-28, 2003

Einstein and SpaceTime Units

Minoru Harada

Institute of Liberal Arts, Otaru University of Commerce, Otaru, Hokkaido 0478501 Japan

A grave conflicting aspect is uncovered for the conventional wisdom in relativity theory regarding spacetime units. No account has ever been taken of the undeniable fact that these units are contingent on nature, resulting in the present convention in which the same spacetime units are used in all reference frames. This convention runs counter to Einstein's denunciation of an absolute space and an absolute time propounded by Newton. This conflict can be resolved only by our recent proposal [Phys. Essays 11, 521 (1998); 12, 368 (1999)] for introducing separate spacetime units for each reference frame.

Keywords: spacetime units, Einstein, relativity theory, paradoxes

Received: April 10, 2001; Published online: December 15, 2008