2. N. Dibrov, On Working out a New Model of the Electron

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Volume 16: Pages 4-25, 2003

On Working out a New Model of the Electron

N. Dibrov

Prospect Gagarina, No 175, ap. 43, Kharkov124, 61124, Ukraine

A new model is proposed for the electron, in which it absorbs hypothetical Lesage's subparticles (particles of a deeper level of matter than ordinary elementary particles) and periodically explodes. As a result of these explosions, periodical flows of new charged subparticles are formed, which can be identified with the electric field. The obtained new relation for an energy density of the electrostatic field differs in an essential way from the classical one. Gravitational force is a consequence of Lesage's effect of screening. New expressions are found for the gravitational force and the energy density of Lesage's subparticle gas. Estimations of numerical values of some parameters of the model are made.

Keywords: model of exploding electron and electric interaction, hypothetical Lesage's gravity

Received: November 22, 1999; Published online: December 15, 2008