1. Stephan J. G. Gift, Model of Fundamental Particles I: Quarks

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Volume 17: Pages 3-13, 2004

Model of Fundamental Particles I: Quarks

Stephan J. G. Gift

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies

An improved form of the standard model, called the enhanced standard model and involving a new gauge particle, is presented. The proposal, while retaining the basic structure of the standard model, offers a solution to the quark generation puzzle and phenomenologically explains a broad range of poorly understood nonleptonic interaction phenomena, including the ΔI = 1/2 rule, the OkuboZweigIizuka rule, K0 – K¯0 mixing, and radiative decays. It requires that nonleptonic strange particle decay occur via the new gauge particle and not by the weak interaction and provides an interesting explanation for the longstanding CP violation problem. An indication is given of direct physical evidence for the existence of the new gauge particle.

Keywords: standard model, elementary particles, quarks, CP violation, gluons, fluons, enhanced standard model, fundamental particles

Received: January 14, 2002; Published online: December 15, 2008