14. Jaroslav Hynecek, New Space‐Time Metric, Four Tests of Gravitational Theory, and Newton's Law of Gravitation

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Volume 20: Pages 313-328, 2007

New SpaceTime Metric, Four Tests of Gravitational Theory, and Newton's Law of Gravitation

Jaroslav Hynecek 1

1Isetex, Inc., 905 Pampa Drive, Allen, Texas 75013 U.S.A.

In this article it is shown that a new spacetime metric can be derived from the hypothesis of locality, the assumption of local space isotropy, and the assumption of minimum energy stored in the gravitational field. The new coordinate spacetime metric and the corresponding Christoffel symbols and Riemann, Ricci, and Einstein tensors are derived as functions of the physical rather than the coordinate distance, with different metric line elements defined for the physical and coordinate metrics. This leads to an extension of the coordinate spacetime metric beyond the classical blackhole event horizon without any coordinate pathology at the Schwarzschild radius. The derived coordinate spacetime metric is then used to obtain the formulas for the wellknown four tests of general relativity theory: the perihelion advance, the gravitational redshift, the deflection of light by the Sun, and the Shapiro delay. The new formulas and the results they provide are then compared with the standard versions and it is found that excellent agreement with the most recent data and observations is obtained. Subtle differences from the standard formulas and observations are also discussed in detail. Finally, from the new metric it is also possible to derive Newton's law of gravitation and draw several other interesting conclusions.

Keywords: Mercury perihelion advance, gravitational redshift, Shapiro delay, light deflection by gravity, spacetime metric, local space isotropy, Newton's law of gravitation, physical distance, physical time, barometric formula, Schwarzschild radius, Christoffel symbols, Ricci tensor, Einstein tensor, black holes, gamma ray bursters

Received: November 19, 2006; Published Online: March 26, 2009