6. Robert K. Masse, Dynamics of an Isotropic Nonlinear Elastic Continuum

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Volume 20: Pages 383-402, 2007

Dynamics of an Isotropic Nonlinear Elastic Continuum

Robert K. Masse 1

1Aerojet, Space Propulsion SBU, Redmond, Washington 98052 U.S.A.

General dynamic equations of an isotropic nonlinear elastic continuum are examined to determine under what circumstances behavior analogous to the standard physical laws is demonstrated. The model under consideration here is not of a continuum surrounding and interacting with massive bodies, but rather a system where all phenomena, including apparent massive bodies or “particles,” are represented as localized states, or fields, within the continuum. Symmetry and uniformity are shown to reduce the dynamic equations of the nonlinear elastic continuum to relatively simple forms that model gravitational and electromagnetic phenomena, with a Schrödingerlike equation secondarily proceeding from statistical treatment of conservation of energy principles, provided there is suitable assignment of associated parameters. Topics for further study are discussed.

Keywords: nonlinear elastic continuum, physical laws, gravitation, Maxwell's equations, Schrödinger equation

Received: October 3, 2005; Published Online: May 26, 2009