17. Ned S. Rasor, Note on non-Newtonian dynamics in deep space

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Volume 22: Pages 190-194, 2009

Note on non-Newtonian dynamics in deep space

Ned S. Rasor 1

115601 Montebello Road, Cupertino, California 95014, USA

A previously described physical model for inertia and gravitation, which is consistent with the modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) empirical correlation of non-Newtonian dynamics in cosmic systems, is extended to describe such systems at distances from Earth that are a significant fraction of the radius of the universe. It is found that the MOND quantity ao is inversely proportional to the local time after initiation of the Big Bang. That predicted dependence on local time is verified quantitatively by the observed dependence on redshift in the Tully–Fisher relation for galaxies at redshifts up to z=1.6. A derived dependence of supernova mass on local time describes the perceived acceleration in expansion of the universe. The observed increase in rotation period of pulsars is accurately derived. The existence of “dark matter” and “dark energy” is not required by this physical model.

Keywords: Gravitation, Expansion, Non-Newtonian, MOND, Time Dependence, Pulsar Period

Received: December 12, 2008; Accepted: April 4, 2009; Published Online: May 14, 2009