11. Harry Ian Epstein, Could mass decrease with velocity?

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Volume 22: Pages 511-514, 2009

Could mass decrease with velocity?

Harry Ian Epstein 1

1259 Maple Hill Road, Glencoe, Illinois 60022, USA

An alternate interpretation of Einstein’s special relativity is considered based on “proper” velocity: an observer’s coordinate length divided by the proper time of the moving object. As the conventional “coordinate” velocity approaches the velocity of light, the proper velocity approaches infinity. It is reasoned that mass reduces with increasing proper velocity, and approaches zero as the coordinate velocity approaches the velocity of light. This is consistent with photons having zero rest mass traveling at that speed. Mass and time dilation are therefore directly proportional; hence we consider whether there could there be a phenomenological connection between the two.

Keywords: Special Relativity, Mass Decrease, Proper Velocity, Mach’s Principle, Discontinuous Quantum Motion

Received: March 26, 2008; Accepted: August 21, 2009; Published Online: October 2, 2009