17 PDF - Sorin Vlaicu, Doubtful atomic hydrogen

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Volume 23: Pages 506-510, 2010

Doubtful atomic hydrogen

Sorin Vlaicu 1

1Muncitorilor 22 D, 307220 Giroc, Timis, Romania

The energy levels assigned to hydrogen atom have fine and hyperfine spectral splitting incompatible with a so simple atom, so that they can only belong to molecular hydrogen. This conclusion is corroborated with an evident ambiguity of the few arguments in favor of atomic hydrogen. Two essential but experimentally yet undetermined physical properties of molecular hydrogen are the key of these still intricate questions.

Keywords: Hydrogen Spectra, Atomic Hydrogen, Λ=0.212 m Radiation

Received: March 29, 2010; Accepted: July 8, 2010; Published Online: August 4, 2010