5. Chen Shu'Yu, Geometrical Properties of Relativistic Rapidity

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Volume 12: Pages 242-258, 1999

Geometrical Properties of Relativistic Rapidity

Chen Shu'Yu

Room 2401, 205th Building, Hui Xin Li, Chao Yang Qu, Beijing, 100029 P.R. China

This paper states an idea only that relativistic rapidity is a vector of hyperbolic space. This idea is derived from and verified by relativity, and provides a kinematic basis for the development of the geometrical physics of relativity. Hyperbolic vectors can be treated with hyperbolic geometry, which is more convenient to operate, and lessens the opportunity for making errors. By the application of this idea, a further study of the equation of Lorentz transformations is made in this paper.

Keywords: rapidity, hyperbolic vector, hyperbolic geometry

Received: May 5, 1998; Published online: December 15, 2008