13. Adrian Sfarti, The Mansouri‐Sexl Framework for the High‐Speed Ives‐Stilwell Experiment

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Volume 20: Pages 308-312, 2007

The MansouriSexl Framework for the HighSpeed IvesStilwell Experiment

Adrian Sfarti 1

13000 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95051 U.S.A.

The MansouriSexl theory is a wellknown test theory of relativity. In one of their three papers [R. Mansouri and S.U. Sexl, Gen. Rel. Grav. 8, 809 (1977)], Mansouri and Sexl deal with the transverse Doppler effect under a set of restrictive conditions. In the following paper we deal with the same effect under the most general conditions and will argue for a novel way of detecting highorder effects in v/c via an increasedspeed reenactment of the IvesStilwell experiment. We will demonstrate the presence of a highorder error term and we will set the experimental conditions for detecting this term.

Keywords: MansouriSexl test theory, standard model, IvesStilwell experiment, STR, transverse Doppler effect

Received: September 24, 2006; Published Online: March 26, 2009